Trip Details

Lidderwat to Dudhsar Lake


Altitude: 9131 feet to 12600 feet
Distance: 8 kms
Time taken: 6 hours
Trail type: Steep ascents, grasslands, boulders, mountain streams, waterfalls, high-altitude alpine lake

We have to crossover to the right bank of the river to access the trail to Dudhsar Lake, which will be your campsite for tonight. After the crossover, walk along the right bank of the Dudhsar nala for 1.5 kms to find a Gujjar hut ahead. The entire area is surrounded by tall coniferous trees. The water of the gushy mountain stream is as white as milk and it’s a sight that leaves an everlasting mark. From this checkpoint, you have to continue walking towards a place called Satlunjan.

About 2.5 kms from Lidderwat, you will reach a place called Susrin. In this section, the Susrin nala flows in from the south-west corner to merge with the Dudhsar nala. This is an interesting section, riddled with boulders on either side of the valley and patches of snow close to the mountain tops. The meeting point of the two mountain streams is beautiful. The Kolahai Base Camp is towards your north from here. A short walk will take you the Susrin nala crossing point. Cross the stream and continue walking towards Satlunjan. Satlunjan is just half a kilometer away from Susrin. The mountain stream from Rohil flows down and breaks into seven tributaries at this place, thus earning the name Satlunjan. The huge mountain valleys in this region and the cascading mountain streams will fill your hearts with glee.

A flat 1 km walk along the trail will lead you to the Chainbal waterfall. At this point, we’re approximately at 10,200 feet. This is a small yet gorgeous waterfall. This is a good spot to take a breather. The route to the Kolahoi Base Camp is a gradual ascent.

From the Chainbal waterfall, it’s 1 km steep ascent to the Kolahoi Base Camp. The terrain has a brief section filled with boulders and you will be trekking along the banks of the Dudhsar nala. The Kolahoi Base camp is located at an atltitude of 10,450 feet. The terrain is riddled with stones and minerals of various colors, brought down by the cascading mountain streams.

From the Kolahoi base camp, take the trail that goes right, up the valley. A brisk climb will take you to the cliff point of Hoksar nala. The view of the mountain valleys from this point is gorgeous. The trail continues upward to a green patch of land. Navigate through the boulders to reach the meadow. From here on, it’s a flat, easy walk to the Dudhsar lake.

The untouched beauty of the isolated Dudhsar lake will leave you spellbound. The swirling clouds are literally within your arm’s reach. The reflections cast by the grass-covered mountains and snow patches on the lake gives it a new dimension. The best part is, the banks of this lake will double up as your campsite for tonight.

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